Tammy Parlour, Co-founder of the Women’s Sport Trust on working with BT Sport to make women’s sport an irresistible and entertaining spectacle


Tammy Parlour is Co-founder of the Women’s Sport Trust and is a 5th degree black belt in the Korean martial art of Hapkido, having practiced for over 30 years. She founded Chang’s Hapkido Academy UK, a full-time martial arts and meditation school in central London. Tammy specialises in the relationship between martial arts and personal development. She has written a book on meditation, lectures at organisations like The Wellcome Trust, and has just completed an MSc in Strength & Conditioning.

Tammy Parlour

Tammy Parlour

On 4th August 2014, BT Sport announced it was building on its investment in women’s sport by becoming a media partner of leading charity, the Women’s Sport Trust. The partnership will see both organisations creating platforms to showcase the best of women’s sport. Co-branded programming, events and media coverage will meet a growing audience appetite for great sport played by established and emerging female stars. Both BT Sport and the Women’s Sport Trust are committed to maintaining and growing interest in women’s sport.

Impact of being a sportswoman in a predominantly male environment

Tammy ParlourI am embarrassed to admit that it’s not until recently that I ever fully considered the impact of being a sportswoman in a predominately male environment. I have dedicated my life to practicing and teaching a martial art and had never really openly considered my gender. London 2012 changed that. The Olympics brought women’s sport and images of women athletes to the fore.

Inspired by the strength, dedication and perseverance of other female athletes

I realised that I enjoyed watching sport much more when there were women playing. I started to feel differently about myself and seemed to be standing a little taller as a result. The Olympics changed me. I came out! I am a full-time female sports person, and the strength, the dedication and the perseverance of other female athletes inspires me. I don’t want to lose that; I don’t want to go back to a world full of men’s football. This is why I founded Women’s Sport Trust – but the concept will only work if we all get involved. 

Partnering with BT Sport

Since the London 2012 Olympics the case for greater exposure of women’s sport has become unarguable. The potential market, the talented athletes and the sporting performances all provide a great opportunity for smart, progressive organisations. BT Sport know this and we are looking forward to working together to make women’s sport an irresistible and entertaining spectacle.





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