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Bringing together the HR world’s biggest and the best at the Engagement Innovation Summit – Olivia Rendall, Events Director at Syncota

Engagement Innovation

Olivia Rendall is Events Director at Syncota Ltd with specific expertise in conferences and award ceremonies. Syncota provides knowledge to inspire personal and professional growth and development by researching the best quality content, and then distributing this research via online resources, conferences, seminars and workshops. Olivia holds a B.A. in History from Cardiff University.

Olivia Rendall
Olivia Rendall

“…My research suggests that maternity leave is an issue that stimulates debate. One organisation I spoke to had only instated maternity leave in their company in the past five years, with over 80% of their workforce being predominantly male…”

Countdown to the Engagement Innovation Summit in London on 25th – 26th Feb 2015: Event overview

The event is focused on employee engagement, a key issue which appeared frequently throughout my research. It encompasses a wide variety of topics such as succession planning, leadership practices and talent management.

This conference brings together some of the biggest and best in HR to present and speak, with brands such as Coca-Cola enterprises, Google, ABN-AMARO, IBM, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, BAE Systems, SAB Miller and Barclays participating. The main aim of this event is to offer practical strategies and solutions to common problems that HR professionals are facing every day.

Why gender balance is such a big issue for organisations today

In regards to the HR function itself, I have found that there appears to be an equal balance between women and men, with women superseding men in many of the senior roles. However, from an observational standpoint it does not appear to be the case in every industry.

My research suggests that maternity leave is an issue that stimulates debate. One organisation I spoke to had only instated maternity leave in their company in the past five years, with over 80% of their workforce being predominantly male. Gender inequality is an ongoing matter that needs to be acknowledged.

The importance of developing a strong employer brand

In my opinion it is crucial for a company to develop a strong employer brand and awareness in order to become a well-known employer of choice. Attracting the best candidates is an issue many companies face as you’re all fishing from the same talent pool.

By establishing yourself as THE go to company, the talent will actively seek you out. Your company’s culture is a key element to this. By establishing a set of core values and beliefs which permeate your entire organisation, your company will have character which is recognised universally – your employer brand.

Tools organisations can use to plan the future of their workforce

Throughout the planning of the Engagement Innovation Summit, succession planning appears to be a topic which stirs much interest amongst HR professionals.

Succession planning, or talent pipelining, is a practice many organisations are now adopting to ensure their organisation has a stable and developed team of candidates who are fully prepared to step into senior roles at a moment’s notice. This is a key tool that can make your current workforce prepared for the future.

As this is such a hot topic at the moment, two of my speakers are approaching the subject from different angles as there isn’t one single clear cut way of planning your organisation’s future.

Millennials: What’s all the fuss about?

Millennials are classed as the generation of workers born between the years 1980 and the early 2000s. Through my research I found that there appear to be a lot of problems surrounding Millennials, such as feelings of entitlement and differing values and expectations.

HR has to appeal to all generations, which is proving to be a problem as different age groups have different expectations when it comes to work. The difference between the generations is a key topic in the Engagement Innovation Summit.

The changing role of HR

HR has to face new challenges every day. Our world is becoming more global and as such HR needs to follow suit. A huge topic in the event is “Engagement in a Multi-cultural global system”. This presentation touches on issues such as how to deal with periods of uncertainty, change, and transition. HR plays a key role in making their organisation a welcoming diverse environment for their new and current workforce.

The acceptance of flexible working time is a big issue at the moment. Companies who deal with international clients have to alter their hours in order to align schedules. The conventional working day of 9 – 5 is a thing of the past with split shifts and 4 day working weeks becoming more popular. HR is responsible for determining whether a flexible working request is acceptable or not, a role which requires much care and consideration.

Business is indeed becoming more global and as a result our current workforce is required to be more mobile and flexible in order to be internationally successful.

Engagement Innovation Summit team
The Engagement Innovation Summit team

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