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Dr. Martens Industrial Champions named: Step forward Jessica Tabibi, Carlene Brooks and Emily Hayden

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During February 2018, Womanthology launched a search for three Dr. Martens Industrial Champions. We’ve loved reading your tweets where you told us about your industry and how you #WORKDIFFERENT. It’s been a tough job, but now, after much deliberation, together with Dr. Martens we have selected our three Industrial Champions so, with International Women’s Day fast approaching, we’d like to introduce them to you.

Jessica Tabibi

Jessica Tabibi is a quantity surveyor with experience in commercial, fit-outs, education, healthcare, new builds and refurbishments.

Jessica Tabibi

I was very surprised when I heard the news that I’d been selected but I was very pleased and excited! I love the idea of having Industrial Champions as it shows women already working in the built environment, as well as those outside of the construction industry, that there are women just like them and that DMs are thinking about them and their safety!

One of the most important things when working on site is personal protective equipment. For the women in the industry we have long had to make do with clothing not made with us in mind, which doesn’t fit properly and, as a result, isn’t safe and makes it difficult to look  professional. We can often be working on site for 10-12 hours some days and having the option to wear comfortable that fit and also look good is important.

It’s so great when a big brand takes the step forward, as others tend to follow. This is only going to be positive for women in the industry as they will have more choice and a wider range of clothing and boots made with them in mind to choose from. I think it’s particularly good that DMs has launched these boots because feeling good in what you wear can bring confidence to you and to the job you are doing.

I’m really hoping to show that the construction industry isn’t just for men! Women make up a small but important part of the workforce and I hope that being an industrial champion means that other women can see that there are women just like them already in the industry doing a variety of manual, site and office-based roles, and that these women are loving what they do!


Carlene Brooks

Carlene Brooks is a scaffolder after having changed career from being a customer service representative for a car rental company and a postal delivery worker.

Carlene Brooks

To be one of three women picked out of many other amazing women working in industry and construction was completely unexpected. 

Having a good pair of comfortable fitting footwear makes all the difference, especially when you spend more of your time in your safety boots than any other pair of shoes you own! I’ve gone through the whole trial and error process several times over the years trying to find boots that are comfortable as well being the correct size and fit, which has been a bit of a struggle. 

For an iconic British brand like Dr. Martens that has been around for almost 60 years to have created a Women’s Industrial range is fantastic. Its distinguished style and cushioned comfort is exactly what women in the construction industry need. To know that you can actually buy without compromising on style and comfort, regardless of your size is one less issue to deal with.


Emily Hayden

Emily Hayden is a senior project manager and building surveyor.

Emily Hayden
Emily Hayden

I am so delighted to have been chosen as one of the Industrial Champions by Dr Martens. It is fantastic to see a major brand like DMs recognising the increasing role women are playing in the construction industry and the need for us to work in comfort! 

I’ve always struggled to find safety boots that fit properly, as they aren’t  generally designed with women in mind. Exposure from a brand like DM will also help shine a light on the part women play in the industry and breaking down the ‘norms’ for future generations. Here’s to more women coming into construction!


Keep a look out for Jessica, Carlene and Emily in Womanthology! They will each receive a pair of Dr. Martens Women’s Industrial collection boots.

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