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Our code of conduct

We are constructive

We value constructive comment and debate. This applies to everything from social media to events. Being constructive means building on someone’s idea rather than tearing it down. Be kind, courteous and supportive. Healthy debate is, well, healthy, but kindness is essential.

We are respectful

Disrespect is never OK. We want everyone to feel safe whenever they interact with us. We will not tolerate hate speech or bullying of any kind. Degrading comments about things such as gender or identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, culture are unacceptable. There’s no movement on this; anyone who breaches these rules will be removed.

We value a growth mindset

People with a growth mindset believe their talents can be developed through hard work and input from others. Whereas people with a fixed mindset believe their talents are innate gifts. Organisations with a growth mindset are collaborative, innovative and typically achieve more. This is what we’re all about at Womanthology: learning from each other and growing together.

We protect our content

We don’t allow people to copy and reuse our content. We put many hours into shaping the articles in our magazine, so it wouldn’t be right for this work to be taken and shared on other platforms.

We protect our own boundaries

We receive a lot of ideas for articles. A lot. This is great, because content is our lifeblood. But we’re a small team with a big remit, so we’re not able to publish everything we receive or respond to every request. Put simply, we have this boundary to prevent us from burning out.