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Give your mum a call: Danielle Restivo, Head of Global Programs at LinkedIn finds it could be good for your career

Bring In Your Parents Day

Danielle Restivo is Head of Global Programs at LinkedIn, where she manages global PR programmes for LinkedIn’s corporate communications team, whilst driving strategy, execution and measurement for international PR programmes. Prior to this she was LinkedIn’s Manager of Corporate Communications for Brazil and Canada. Her previous experience includes digital and social media related roles at Dare USA, GCI Group, Media Profile and DBA Communications.

Danielle Restivo
Danielle Restivo

“…We’re overlooking our parents when it comes to getting career input and are missing out on fantastic insights as a result…”

LinkedIn’s Danielle Restivo tells us why she wants to see the UK’s professional women bringing their parents to work for the day on 6th November

We’ve just announced the return of our Bring In Your Parents Day initiative – an opportunity for parents to be part of their children’s lives for a day and share their professional skills, and for workers to thank their parents for their guidance. Thousands of professionals got involved last year and we’d love to see even more say thank-you in 2014.

We’re used to relying on our parents in many aspects of our lives, but appear to be missing out on their support in our careers. LinkedIn research has found that more than a third of parents are failing to pass on their knowledge, even though nearly half of their children think they have professional skills that could help them to perform better at work.

One in three parents don’t understand what their sons and daughters do for a living

To be fair, it’s hard for parents to give career advice to their children if they don’t understand what they do – and we’ve found that one in three don’t know what their sons and daughters do for a living. Secondly, we’re not always as grateful as we could be; half of parents think that we should thank them more than we do and a shocking 15% of professionals admit that we’ve never thanked them at all.

Problem solving is the skill that most UK parents think they can usefully pass down; almost half of those surveyed believe they could help their children in this area. This was followed closely by ‘organisational skills,’ ‘perseverance,’ ‘integrity’ and ‘time management.’

6th November – Bring in Your Parents Day – businesses opening their doors to their employee’s parents

Bring In Your Parents Day 2014, which takes place on 6th November and calls on businesses to open their doors to their employees’ parents, showcases the benefits of helping parents understand their child’s career so they can better offer valuable advice. We’re overlooking our parents when it comes to getting career input and are missing out on fantastic insights as a result. It’s also a reminder to professional “children” to thank their parents for all their support.

LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day will be held in 14 countries across the globe. Whether you’re a parent, an employee, or a business, you can find out how to join LinkedIn by visiting http://bringinyourparents.linkedin.com/, and join in the conversations on Twitter with #LinkedIn and #BIYP.


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