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Connecting women and opportunity

Womanthology is a digital magazine and professional community powered by female energy and ingenuity.

Connecting women and opportunity

Womanthology is a digital magazine and professional community powered by female energy and ingenuity.

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Fuelled by inclusivity: From chemical engineer to green hydrogen pioneer and author

Yasmin Ali, Chartered Energy Engineer and Project Development Manager at RWE

Yasmin Ali Power Up

Yasmin Ali is an award-winning chartered engineer, internationally experienced in the energy industry, with a passion for the future of energy and promoting engineering to the public. She has held engineering and managerial roles in projects and operations in conventional power generation, oil and gas and district heating, and managed UK government energy innovation programmes. Yasmin’s current role is as a business and project development manager for RWE’s green hydrogen business in the UK and, in addition to this, in March 2024, she published her first book, Power Up: An Engineer’s Adventures into Sustainable Energy.

Yasmin Ali
Yasmin Ali. Image © Jason Alden

“Diversity and inclusion in the energy sector is vital right now. I think it is needed to build a more equitable energy future.”

Becoming a chemical engineer and green hydrogen innovator

When we spoke back in 2022, I was working as an energy innovation programme manager for the UK government’s energy department, leading on design and delivery of innovation programmes to deliver solutions for our energy transition targets. The lead-up to getting this job was a chemical engineering degree from the University of Nottingham, an engineering and leadership graduate scheme with E.ON, a variety of roles in gas and coal-fired power stations, oil and gas exploration and production, and district heating operations, and lots of public engagement and writing along the way!

My previous job with government was my introduction to hydrogen, and the idea of using green electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis, giving us clean hydrogen to use as a fuel. My current role with RWE, where I have been for the past two years, is doing the very early stages of developing large-scale electrolytic hydrogen projects for the UK, and hopefully contributing to net zero emissions by 2050.

Demystifying the energy transition as we work towards Net Zero

Yasmin Ali - Power Up book launch
The launch of Yasmin’s book, Power Up

Power Up: An Engineer’s Adventures into Sustainable Energy, published by Hodder and Stoughton in March 2024, is my personal journey through the global energy system – it is about how we get, move and use the energy that powers our day to day lives. I delve behind the scenes and into the backstage of this hidden energy world – from the humble beginnings of the solar panel, to clever ways of building homes so that they don’t need any energy for heating. The energy system is at a crucial point of transition, we need everyone’s support and input to make good decisions now to set us up for a better energy future, so I wanted to demystify this subject for readers.

Shaped by power cuts and conflict: How my Middle Eastern roots inform my vision for sustainable energy

Growing up in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries has subconsciously influenced how I think about energy resources and their influence on our lives. Like many people I have spoken with across the world – from Nigeria to the US – I experienced power cuts when I was younger, and perhaps as a result developed an inherent understanding of the importance of a reliable energy supply. There is also the link between fossil fuels and war ever-present on my mind.

I hope that a more sustainable energy system built around renewable energy sources will reduce energy-related conflicts across the world, but we’ll have to see how it plays out in reality.

Championing a more equitable energy future

Yasmin Ali - Power UpDiversity and inclusion in the energy sector is vital right now. I think it is needed to build a more equitable energy future. It’s International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) on Sunday 23rd June, we have to keep marking this day to highlight the achievements of women in engineering and encourage others to join us.

To mark INWED this year, I’ll be joining SheCanEngineer’s celebration event in London! ( They are a fantastic organisation and put on very inspiring events.

The Womanthology community can engage with my work through social media, @engineeryasmin on Instagram and X, on LinkedIn, or through my website You can buy the book here.

Gearing up for more

For the time being, I am looking forward to progressing my work on green hydrogen, and doing book events! I am speaking at the British Science Festival later in the year will be getting ready for the release of the paperback version of Power Up next year. After that, who knows, maybe book number two?

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