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Womanthology podcast episode 13: Women in Science – With special guests Sue Nelson, Science, Engineering and Space Filmmaker, Broadcaster and Writer, and Inês Santos

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of the Womanthology podcast.

In this podcast we chat with Sue Nelson, filmmaker, radio and podcast producer, broadcaster, writer, and multimedia expert specialising in science, engineering and space. Sue studied physics at university before joining the BBC as a studio manager and later becoming a science correspondent for TV and Radio News. She now runs the independent production company, Boffin Media, and is the author of Wally Funk’s Race for Space about the youngest member of the Mercury 13 – the women aviators who tried to become astronauts in the early 1960s. 

We will also be hearing from Inês Santos, Womanthology’s associate editor, who is going to be talking us through the written stories in the new issue.

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Join us for the next episode where we’ll be hearing from women working in the energy and sustainability sector.

Take care and stay safe.