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Claire McCartney and Dianah Worman, Co-founders of Inclusive Talent, on being positive about gender balance and backing #IDidItAnyway

Gender balance

Claire McCartney and Dianah Worman are co-directors of Inclusive Talent – a diversity and talent management research, consultancy and facilitation organisation. They are also research and policy associates of the CIPD.

Claire McCartney and Dianah Worman - CIPDClaire McCartney and Dianah Worman - CIPD
Claire McCartney and Dianah Worman

Claire and Dianah are passionate advocates for gender balance and recently pledged their support for Womanthology’s #IDidItAnyway themed crowdfunding campaign. The organisation appears in our directory of organisations that are positive about gender balance.

Looking at the world through a gender lens

To find out how inclusive we are in the world we live in looking at things through the gender lens exposes how we fail to deliver equality of opportunity and what we need to work at to move forward. Without these insights, it is easy to assume all is OK.

Ensuring everyone gets a fair chance to succeed in making the most of their talents and abilities improves personal feelings of wellbeing, drives economic performance and fosters more harmonious societies.

To do this we need to be smarter and more alert to the barriers that get in the way of progress by sapping energy and determination. This gives everyone a smoother ride to achieve their aims and ambitions and minimises frustrations and disappointments.

The importance of #IDidItAnyway

Those who persevere and break new ground by ‘doing it anyway’ raise the bar for others to follow. They are the role models that spur others to go for it. That’s why we at Inclusive Talent Ltd are so passionate about what we do. We believe everyone can make a difference. That’s why #IDidItAnyway is a great initiative.