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Why it is now more important than ever for the tech community to come together to build an effective talent pipeline within the UK – Edwina Dunn, Chair of Your Life and CEO of Starcount

Talent pipeline

Edwina Dunn, best known for pioneering Tesco Clubcard, is a passionate campaigner for STEM, as well as a prominent advocate for female role models. As CEO of data sciences company Starcount, Edwina understands the importance of the digital sector and believes that tapping into the female talent pool is essential to progressing Britain’s prosperity. Through her position as Chair of Your Life, she is campaigning to actively inspire schoolchildren with the exciting opportunities available by studying maths and physics at A-level.

Edwina Dunn
Edwina Dunn

“…it is more important than ever that we build an effective pipeline within the UK…”

The talent imperative

I am hugely impressed with how the technology community has come together to show its resolve and determination for the future of UK tech following the recent referendum. We all have concerns about investment levels and investor uncertainty, and what this means for the UK’s global reputation, but the most pressing issue has to be around people and talent. Now, it is more imperative than ever.

Competing in a global economy

It helps to focus minds on the skills we need, to compete in the global economy. Your Life’s mission is to grow the numbers of teenagers studying maths and physics by 50% by the end of 2017. This is the best way to empower industry with the people and skills they need for jobs of the future (where tech and digital is essential).

Building an effective talent pipeline in the UK

We know from a recent study Your Life commissioned for London Tech Week that young people are turning their backs on the relevant qualifications that will equip them for the jobs of the future. Nearly a third (30%) of young people, aged 11-18, are interested in undertaking a career in gaming and nearly a fifth (19%) in IT. Yet, despite this, only a third (33%) are planning to study maths and science at A-level, the best gateways to these careers.

With potential uncertainty for businesses trying to recruit the skills they might need from Europe, it is more important than ever that we build an effective pipeline within the UK so teenagers have the best opportunity to fast track their futures.






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