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Ready Steady Mums Entrepreneur Katy Tuncer on using crowdfunding to raise £57,000

Ready Steady Mums

Katy Tuncer is an entrepreneur and founder of Ready Steady Mums who recently raised crowdfunding through Seeders.com to finance the company’s growth and expansion efforts. Ready Steady Mums is a fitness company providing medically based safe and effective exercise programmes for busy mums and mums to-be, offering a variety of sessions both virtually and locally tailored to meet each mum’s unique goals, fitness level and life demands. Katy is a mum of two boys, graduate of Cambridge University, alumni of McKinsey & Company and winner of multiple awards including being named as one of the ‘Women of the Future’ by the Women of the Future Network.

Katy Tuncer
Katy Tuncer

“…It is an exhilarating feeling to have hundreds of people believe and invest in your vision and passion…”

A business that is also a community

At the core of all the best female entrepreneurs I know is a spirit and personal passion to make a positive impact in the world. For me, this passion materialised when I became a mother and saw a great need for a business that is also a community, and builds a supportive and healthy environment for new mothers.

Changing the world, one happy mother at a time

In 2010, my vision became Ready Steady Mums (RSM). Today, RSM has grown to reach thousands of mothers across the country and continues to thrive. My goal is to change the world, one happy mother at a time. In order to achieve this, we need to grow more. This level of growth required more funding.

Amazing advisors on board

Fortunately Ready Steady Mums has an amazing board of advisors that includes the remarkable Pinky Lilani OBE; Mark Slack MBBCh MMed (UCT) FCOG(SA) FRCOG – Head of Urogynaecology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital; Sam Smith (CEO and Founding Partner, Finncap) and a number of business men and women who hold senior positions across Finance, Marketing and Sales in blue-chip organisations such as BSkyB, Vodafone and IBM.

Together we agreed that the timing was right to explore internet crowd fundraising. We choose a site called Seeders.com to manage our account and the results were truly astounding.

Raised £57,000 from more than 100 investors

Our goal was set at £50,000 over a 90 day period of open fundraising. Seeders.com helped RSM to reach potential investors by sharing our mission and funding goals on their site. Within 6 weeks, we smashed our target. We chose to keep the round open for over-funding, and to coincide our close with International Women’s Day. By that day over 100 investors had invested £57k. The success of our initial public fundraising efforts proved that we created a product that is both desirable for our consumer and the marketplace.

Exhilarating feeling

It is an exhilarating feeling to have hundreds of people believe and invest in your vision and passion. We look forward to using the funds raised to take our proven concept of the web-based Virtual Personal Training to exciting new levels of interactivity and personal fitness coaching. Funding will also help increase the reach of Ready Steady Mums local community “socialcise” exercise groups to more women across the UK.

At its core, Ready Steady Mums is about supporting all mothers striving for health and wellbeing during the early motherhood years. Our investors are helping to make this mission possible. With their support, we can build happy healthy communities across the UK, one mum at a time.




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