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Connecting women and opportunity

Womanthology is a digital magazine and professional community powered by female energy and ingenuity.

Connecting women and opportunity

Womanthology is a digital magazine and professional community powered by female energy and ingenuity.

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Some people call it diversity. We call it common sense: Welcome to edition three of Womanthology – Fiona Tatton, Editor


So here we are. One month in…

Fiona Tatton - Womanthology Founder and Editor
Fiona Tatton

For those of you who have just discovered us; we’re a digital magazine that is for women (and men) who care passionately about the need to showcase all the fantastic female role models out there and challenge the stereotypes of what it means to be a ‘successful’ woman today. Be confident. It’s OK to be yourself.

What to say about the experience of creating Womanthology and bringing it to you? We’ve been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There have been trials and tribulations. There has been joy and despair, comedy and tragedy, agony and ecstasy.

The process of putting together Womanthology out of love and the desire to create something new, unique and special has been a powerful life changer. You start to think much more deeply about everything. What to say. Who to include. What if nobody reads it? What if everybody reads it?

Why, oh why, oh why did the idea come to create a magazine of all things? Why not something altogether more conventional? Something less…ambitious?

So what’s it all about?

Issues relating to women’s progression in the workplace have been around since the year dot. So what has changed in recent years? After more centuries than we care to remember of general subservience and women being perceived as part of the corporate furniture in the industrialised world, there appears to be a bright, shiny change glimmering on the horizon.

Following on from the efforts of our bra burning predecessors, there is a new generation of smart, savvy, dynamic women who are reaching out and grabbing career opportunities with both hands. Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg amongst others, we’re not just Leaning In, we’re Leaning Forward and we’re flipping well Standing Up.

Some people call it diversity. We call it common sense.

The world of commerce and enterprise is slowly starting to acknowledge that people are actually real people; men and women all have their own hopes, fears and dreams that *shock horror* exist outside the corporate bubble. It’s OK to enjoy your days off and look forward to spending time with family and friends. It’s OK to be married. It’s OK to be single. It’s OK to be gay. It’s OK to be straight. It’s OK to have kids. It’s OK not to have kids. It’s OK to be from an ethnic minority. It’s OK to be from an ethnic majority. It’s OK to have a disability. It’s OK to have an ability.

In general, it’s just OK. Got it?

Having it all? Having all what?

Part of what Womanthology is here to do is also to explode the myth of ‘having it all’. No-one seems to know who created this myth. It’s time to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to this flawed construct.

The truth is, there’s no such thing. So let’s all stop beating ourselves up about how we compare to some ridiculous myth that it’s possible to be all things to all people and start getting real.

Talent doesn’t discriminate, so why should we?

The support we’ve received from large corporates, professional institutes, from individual entepreneurs and from women’s networks all around the world has been phenomenal. It seems like we’re all in agreement that it’s time for a change. We all deserve to be able to achieve our full potential in life, regardless of gender, or any other characteristic for that matter.

Thank you to all our contributors who’ve taken time out to share their thoughts with us. We’ve rounded up the people the boldest and the brightest thinkers in this space and brought them to you.

In this edition:

  • Claire Young, who’s gone from Alan Sugar’s boardroom in The Apprentice to Enterprise Champion and Adviser to the UK Government. Here she tells us about importance of authenticity in business;
  • Lindsey Clay, CEO of Thinkbox, looks at the way forward thinking advertisers are changing the way women are represented;
  • Amanda Thomson, who moved to Paris with her family in order to pursue her passion for fine wine and Champagne, learning from the world’s greatest experts. She tells us about how she’s gone on to create the Skinny Champagne brand that is sipped by the international glitterati;
  • Jaime C. Moore, who used her gift for photography to inspire her daughter Emma to become a real life heroine and a global internet sensation;
  • Natalie Sigona, Global Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and mother, talks about improving your work life balance and building your confidence by doing things differently;
  • Nimita Shah, Career Psychologist, talks about being ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ and why it’s human nature to compare ourselves with others in today’s 24/7 social media comparison culture;
  • Andrea Martin, award winning Founder of GreaseBugs Gear tells us how she’s harnessed social media develop a global business in less than three months;
  • Shreya Sinhar, Stemettes Project Manager, on spreading the word about STEM to the next generation of women;
  • Pinky Lilani OBE, on the Asian women who occupy positions of influence and power at the heart of British business, politics and society who are celebrated in the 15th Asian Women of Achievement Awards;
  • Jane Kenyon, Female Empowerment Champion on her dedication to raising the self-esteem and aspirations of today’s teen girls.

The truth is, that we are surrounded by amazing women each day, but we don’t always take the time to notice and celebrate them. Just look around you. It’s time to work together to put this right.

As important as our female readers and contributors are the men. If we’re on a road towards a better tomorrow where women are valued as much as their male counterparts, then it’s important that men are along for the journey. The simple truth is that strong men aren’t afraid of working with strong women as equivalents, so let’s get cracking on this together.

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