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Female tech entrepreneurs collaborate to compete in Silicon Valley – Janet Coyle, Principal Adviser on the Mayor’s International Business Programme and MD of SVC2UK at London & Partners

Janet Coyle - SVC2UK

Janet Coyle is principal adviser on the Mayor’s International Business Programme and Managing Director of SVC2UK at London & Partners. SVC2UK (Silicon Valley comes to the UK) is a not for profit volunteer-led invitation only series of events that bring together early stage investors, successful serial entrepreneurs, students and alumni with leading serial entrepreneurs and investors. Janet was previously a Diplomat for the UK Government, serving in a number of posts including San Francisco, and she also led the Mayor of London’s Business Programme during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. 

Janet Coyle
Janet Coyle

Leading female entrepreneurs from the UK’s tech sector have travelled to Silicon Valley as part of the latest international trade visit for the Mayor’s International Business Programme, SVC2UK and led by London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s promotional company, alongside the British Consulate General in San Francisco. Fifteen female founders from some of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies visited the Bay area of San Francisco as they looked for opportunities to expand their business and secure extra funding from the US market. The spirit of the visit was of collaboration and mutual support.

Thinking bigger and faster

Janet Coyle - SVC2UKI had an inspirational week with our female founders in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. We were hosted by successful leaders and founders including Sheryl Sandberg, Julie Hanna, Alexsis de Raadt, Julia Hartz, Selina Toboccawala, Xochi Birch and Obi Felten. There were lots of take aways for our UK entrepreneurs as they return to their teams in London and continue to scale up their companies from “thinking bigger, faster and introducing operational rigour” to “having true purpose and communicating this purpose to every employee within the company.”

Ambassadors for the London tech cluster

Janet Coyle - SVC2UKI was hugely impressed with the UK entrepreneurs who engaged enthusiastically with all our hosts. They were true ambassadors for our London tech cluster and I am convinced that this visit will have given them the knowledge and passion to grow their businesses on a global basis much faster than before.

The Mayor’s International Business Programme – www.gotogrow.london – run out of London & Partners, will continue to run these female founders trade missions due to the incredible feedback from all that took part.







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